I wanted a place to publish some music that's probably never going to end up anywhere else. My band is called Grenouilles, our last release was 'Hawk On The Down EP' in January 2010 and you can find it here:
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Matthew Myles

More on the way. A couple more covers probably.

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The Shift Soundtrack

This is from the sound track to The Shift, a short film directed by Ben Hillyar, written by myself and Ally Rogers last summer. We were nominated for Best Score in the National Student Film Awards 2010, but were trumped. It’s a pretty awesome film about time travel.

Asker tinytomahawk Asks:
at least 10 of the plays are mine and my ears arent even tired, this stuff is gorgeous
alwaysthepath alwaysthepath Said:

aww thank you! Is this Helsinki by the way?? It’s so easy to be anonymous on tumblr

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Matthew Myles

It’s not finished yet, may return to it later.

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Matthew Myles

Untitled No.1

I only really discovered Yann Tiersen after watching Amelie a few years ago, but now he is one of my favourite musicians. One day I was experimenting with the score function in Garageband and this attempt at writing some piano like Mr Yann was the result.

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Matthew Myles

Peach Plum Pear (Joanna Newsom cover)

There are a few nice covers of this Joanna Newsom song (Final Fantasy, Rosa Hinksman etc), so I thought I’d give it a go for my first post.